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The Billing Process
Employers of all sizes are seeking to simplify and focus company-wide on their core competencies - their particular business. They seek to rid themselves of functions that others can do more efficiently. To this end, employers increasingly "outsource" business functions that add greater expense if kept internal.

Added to this "simplification trend", employers seek to limit or decrease the number of outside vendors. Therefore, it becomes incumbent on a vendor to provide a greater number of valued services at costs lower than what's acceptable to the employer if those services were kept "in-house".

Resource One is a coordinated service and consulting concept giving Innovo Benefits Administration a unique opportunity to better service clients by simplifying their lives. Our Resource One consolidated billing and enrollment system provides:

Dedicated Service Team
Each Resource One client is assigned a Innovo Benefits Administration service representative who is responsible for all customer service. In addition, one service team handles your organization's billings and eligibility work every day. This typically includes activities such as adding or changing coverage information, balancing monthly statements, processing new and/or terminated employees' coverages, and monitoring eligibility and census information.

Your service representative's name will be listed on the billing statement, along with our toll free customer service telephone number.

Resource One will assist you with the time-consuming demands if employee benefit administration so you can focus on your core business practices.

Consolidated Billing
Our billing system provides information about all coverages in our system on one convenient billing statement. You issue one check for the total amount of the premium due and Innovo Benefits Administration reconciles and disburses the amount owed to the appropriate vendors.

The monthly billing statement lists each individual employee, line(s) of coverage, and the premium total for that individual, along with all billing adjustments.

Depending on your specific needs, billing statements can be divided into multiple locations for different mailing addresses or for cost accounting purposes.

Eligibility is made easy through our custom designed program. When your proprietary service representative receives your eligibility/enrollment information, it is entered into the billing system and the changes occur immediately. We will then transmit all of the enrollment information to each carrier.
Enrollment Confirmation Letters
Upon enrollment in your benefits program, we will automatically send a participation confirmation letter to each employee confirming the level of coverage he/she has selected. This confirmation letter helps to ensure that the employee is enrolled in the proper coverage.

Customized Database Administration
Our proprietary system can be maintained and updated as needed. This system was customized and developed exclusively for Innovo Benefits Administration and enables us to have greater flexibility in developing reports specific to each client's needs.

Customer Service/Benefits Help Line
Innovo Benefits Administration understands that you are the client - not just another phone call - That's why customer service is our number one priority! We feel that outstanding customer service is essential. We offer our clients and their employees a toll-free number for questions and account administration, claims related questions or any other issue you or your employees are having difficulty with.

COBRA/MN Continuation
Our COBRA/MN Continuation administration services include adhering to all date sensitive correspondence, monitoring payments, and overseeing monthly invoicing. We will automatically notify COBRA participants of all rate changes, and update them as their continuation end date draws near. Our billing statements to employers note COBRA insureds with a "20" near their name.

When qualifying event occurs, you notify us by completing one easy form and we take it from there by providing:

  • Full COBRA/MN Continuation notice to the employee with a separate notice being sent to any eligible dependents, if applicable.
  • Complete monthly billings for all insured.
  • Termination for nonpayment
  • Notification of rate changes
  • 180 day warning for end of continuation period
  • Copies of all documentation to employer along with monthly rosters
  • Customer service help line

Direct Billing
We will provide a monthly invoice to each COBRA participant and an updated roster to the employer each month. That way you are aware of all of your COBRA participants for record keeping purposes.

Premiums Collected
Resource One will work with your group to determine the best way to collect COBRA premiums. Option 1: We will collect and record premium payments with checks being forwarded directly to your group for deposit. Option 2: We will deposit premiums collected and remit one check to the client at the end of each month.

For more information about our services please contact us at 800-829-5601.



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