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PEIP –How to request a proposal.

You need to request the following data from your current provider for a group proposal:

  • Claims Experience:
    • Paid claims by month for the most recent 36 months of experience split by plan design
    • Experience period incurred and paid dates
  • Enrollment:
    • Contract counts split between coverage type by plan design by month for entire experience period
    • Current census split between coverage type by plan design
  • High Claims
    • Split by member by year
    • Prognosis
    • Status
    • Total paid claims
    • Excess paid claims above pooling level
    • Current pooling level
  • Plan designs
    • Descriptions for each plan design during entire experience period
  • Rates
    • Current rates for all plan designs and coverage types

Most of these data are included with your current carrier's renewal package. If certain pieces are not available, the PEIP underwriters will work with you to find other alternatives. As with all carriers, the more data we have the more aggressive we can be in quoting.



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